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We Provide Compassionate Listening & Guidance to Create an Action Plan to Accommodate the Children's Needs


York Educational Services provides specialized tutoring using an Orton-Gillingham approach to instruction, small group instruction, informational workshops, and student advocacy.

With an increased understanding of their rights and how school systems work, clients are empowered to effectively advocate their student's unique needs to family, educators, and physicians. All York Educational Services tutors are specialists in one or more Orton-Gillingham approaches to teaching and are passionate about empowering others.

Meet Holly York


With over 30 years of experience as both a teacher and an administrator, Holly York uses her extensive knowledge in special education to give engaging, entertaining, and educational presentations about helping the students who need it most—those who face special challenges in the classroom.


Holly is passionate about empowering others. Having experienced firsthand the overwhelming burden, fear, and constant challenge of being an advocate for her own child, she knows how to navigate the difficult world of appropriate accommodations and special education in our schools.


By providing specialized tutoring and parent workshops on specific topics, Holly empowers her audiences to effectively communicate their child's special needs to family, physicians, the community and the school system. Parents known their children best and Holly believes they require the support to find the determination, knowledge and conviction within themselves to be their children's advocates throughout life.

Holly has served as a special education teacher, special education supervisor, assistant principal and dean of students. Throughout her career, she has always maintained a student-first mentality, allowing individuals to discover their own talents while effectively advocating for their own needs.

Never one to back away from a challenge, Holly has built a reputation for working with all types of students, including those who have been labeled as "difficult." Her passion, had work and dedication have helped hundreds of students change direction and improve their performance in school.

Holly knowns that when a student fails a test, it's usually not because he or she is simply lazy or unmotivated. Rather, it often comes down to a lack of understanding the material, which can make students stop tying for fear of embarrassment. Holly's knowledge and utilization of proven teaching strategies is the reason she has been able to improve the reading, reading comprehension, writing, spelling, and math skills for all her students.